Welcome, Coordinators!

Once logged in, you’ll notice 5 tabs at the top of this page where you can:

Home: Access the page you’re currently on.

Assign Judges: Look up a judge and assign presentation(s) to them.

Assign Presentations: Look up a presentation and assign judges to it.

Select Winners: You will enter your winners here between 26 December – 16 January.

Reports: Descriptions of 4 reports are on the tab. Judges cannot generate reports, but Liaisons can generate the same Presentation Report. The Presentation Report should be generated often to check the progress of judges signing up in your Section/Focus Group.

Coordinator Menu at Right:

Coordinator Home: Access the page you’re currently on.

My Schedule: Displays presentations you’ve signed up to judge. After 4 December, Judges and Liaisons cannot un-select themselves from a presentation and must request a change by contacting their S/FG Coordinator, or emailing OSPA@agu.org. There are two tabs that display presentations you’ve signed up to evaluate: Not Judged and Judged. Once a presentation has been evaluated, it moves to theĀ  “Judged” tab. Judges, Liaisons, and Coordinators may access/change the score sheets until 22 December.

Find Presentations: Search for presentations. Only confirmed students will appear. Coordinators and Liaisons will see all results. Judges will only be shown students who are not from their own institution. Liaisons and Coordinators may export any search results from the Search Results screen by clicking “Export Results.”

Help: Request help from the OSPA team at AGU.

More Questions?

Contact ospa@agu.org.