Each year, nearly 5,000 students request to be considered for an Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA). The role of OSPA Liaison was created to ensure all students who wish to be considered for an OSPA are evaluated. During the organization of Fall Meeting Sessions, Conveners were required to designate an OSPA Liaison for their session. Each liaison is responsible for recruiting judges for their assigned session(s) at Fall Meeting.

Identifying Student Presenters

Liaisons should have received information regarding which session they have been designated. Once logged in, Liaisons can navigate to the Reports tab on the top menu and download the presentation report for their Section or Focus Group. Please note that this report includes all the students in the Section and Focus Group. Filter the report to only include your session(s).

Recruiting Judges

Each student is required to have three volunteer judges. OSPA Liaisons are responsible for filling all 3 judging slots for each participating OSPA student within their session(s). To recruit judges, liaisons should use their professional network.  Draft language to send to potential judges can be downloaded here. Liaisons are also welcome to sign up to judge students also, as long as there is not a conflict of interest. If you struggle to find the required 3 volunteer judges per presentation, contact the OSPA Coordinator for your Section or Focus Group. The other conveners in your session(s) may choose to help, but it is the primary responsibility of the OSPA Liaison to secure judges.

More questions?

Check out the OSPA liaison frequently asked questions.